July 3rd, 2012

Ever wanted to feel Nigeria but you can’t afford to visit right now? 9jaVilla Restaurant – Bar – Lounge recreates an authentic Nigerian atmosphere in the heart of New York City. Located in the middle of Brooklyn New York, 9jaVilla is easily reachable and accessible to all in the tristate area and beyond. We strive to create the original feel of an outing in Nigeria. From going to a restaurant, or a suya spot like the ones in Obalande, a beer parlor, or a night club back in Nigeria, here at 9jaVilla we provide you with the same experience.

Our restaurant menu is packed with the variety of dishes that you long for and we are so diverse that there is something for everyone. Our dishes are not limited to Suya, Snail, Ogbono, Egusi, Efo, Tilapia fish, Pepper soup of different types of meat or fish, Bitter Leave soup, Jollof Rice, Asaro or Edikaiko. Please click here to see our full Food Menu. We also have a full bar with both local Nigerian beverages like Star beer, Gulder lager, Palm wine, Schweppes bitter lemon , Seaman’s Aromatic Schnapps, Squadron dark Rum etc. and a fine selection of your everyday beverage and liquor.

Looking to meet and mingle with other Nigerians or possibly run into your favorite Nollywood actor or actresses, then 9jaVilla is the place to be. In this recent times, Nigerian musician are at the top of their game and could be seen performing around the world and most especially in New York. You want to catch a glimpse of the Hottest Nigeria musician right now, come on down to 9jaVilla Restaurant – Bar – lounge and you never know who you will meet.